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About Perth, Guide and Top Tourist Attractions
(Perth, Western Australia - WA, Australia)

Perth is located in Western Australia where some of the world's bluest rivers and oceans can be found. Downtown Perth is a relatively young city. Visitors can easily check out its colonial buildings and neo-classical structures on foot or by riding a bicycle.

Visitors can also take the city's public transport called TransPerth. They can take advantage of the city tours with guided commentary offered by several train, ferry, and bus companies. Those who love the outdoors can set out on a bicycle and explore the city by taking its numerous bicycle paths.

What to do in Perth

Visitors should first check out the city's beautiful clear beaches. Afterwards, they can tour the several architectural structures reminiscent of the city's colonial period. The city also boasts of excellent seafood restaurants and food halls that offer different types of international cuisine that food lovers can partake. Those who want to experience the city's nightlife can visit Fremantle and Northbridge. Those who love to shop can escape to its nearby suburbs like Subiaco where several shopping centres are located.

Tourist Attractions

Some of Perth's most famous tourist attractions are the Swan Bell Tower and Swan River, which can be explored by taking a cruise liner. Music and theatre lovers can visit Perth Concert Hall and His Majesty's Theatre.

To see the city's rich historical architecture, visitors can take a tour of St. Mary's Cathedral and St. George's Cathedral. On a sunny day, visitors can check out the wineries and shopping centres in the outskirts of Perth.

Perth University

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