Perth University of Western Australia

University Colleges and Facilities
(Perth, Western Australia - WA, Australia)

The University of Western Australia has a Sports Centre with tennis courts, swimming pools, gym areas, and aerobics rooms. The Sports Centre also offers courses on social sports that students can enroll in and attend in the evenings.

The university's Student Guild represents over 13,000 student members. It offers counselling services and club memberships to interested members. It also publishes its own newspaper called The Pelican. The Student Guild is a member of the National Union of Students.

The University of Western Australia is divided into nine faculties. Each faculty is composed of different schools that offer degree programmes to undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students.

Faculty of Economics and Commerce

This faculty was formally created in 2002 after the Graduate School of Management and the School of Economics and Commerce were formed. The Faculty of Economics and Commerce is also known as the University of Western Australia Business School.

Faculty of Engineering, Computing, and Mathematics

This faculty offers expert learning in electronic and electrical engineering, mathematics, and computing knowledge to its students.

Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Visual Arts

Located in the Nedlands Campus, this faculty is comprised of over 700 professors and students. It offers various studio programmes and IT facilities to its local and international students.

Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences

This faculty is located in the Crawley Campus. It offers undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in animal science, food production, and agronomy.

Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law is renowned for its excellent teaching methods and high standards. Its graduates have pursued their studies overseas in universities like Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, Stanford, and Yale.

Faculty of Education

This faculty offers single and combined courses with Economics, Arts, and Sciences. This allows its students to pursue other fields of interests that can pave the way for their specialisation.

Faculty of Life and Physical Sciences

This faculty is one of the founding faculties of the university. It has continued to expand its expertise in the life and physical sciences and natural and agricultural sciences to attract more students to become future leaders in the field of science.

Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Established in 1946, the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry has produced many scientists, innovators, and Nobel Laureates. It focuses on doing research on genomic medicine, genetic epidemiology, and the history of aboriginal chronic disease.

Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Established in 1913, this faculty is one of the oldest university faculties. It has received numerous awards for its excellent teaching.

Perth University

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